Dating is a waste of time in high school

If you dont date now then you be nerous to try it when you get older and it would be harder for someone who never went with someone in high school. Either way, high school and most college relationships amount to nothing in the long run. Should electronics be allowed in school? Albeit people can and will make mistakes with dating there is such a thing as a healthy relationship in high school. High school is your chance to get too know the people that you may want to date in the future. I can focus on school, weightlifting, and just enjoying life.

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Likewise, the opportunity to forge new relationships and discover new things about yourself and someone else should never be taken for granted or passed over.

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Dating: is it a waste of time or a rite of passage?

I don't care if it makes me a nerd, or if it is a huge waste of time, By Woden in forum Misc. But you have to keep your eyes open and be real. Also dating in highschool is great because you can fuck up and no one cares. My grandmother got married at age 22 and she is 80 now and still happily married. I'm definitely enjoying the information.

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dating is a waste of time in high school
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dating is a waste of time in high school
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