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That's virtually creating taboo for them, which sometimes increases their appeal. Parent Written by E-Newgate July 15, And if you still have an issue then don't let your kids watch it. Marceline is also a good character to relate to if a child has a poor relationship with a parental figure. Perhaps his hat really is just that awesome.

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I don't see the problem, my son is quite aware of what he is and is not allowed to say and there has been no problem with him using profanity of any kind ever.

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Don't get sucked into the parent bashing; that's not what this forum is about. Adventure Time started out as a fun show that merely leaned towards adult humor or used jokes that would definitely be inappropriate without the visual context. This site is to simply inform others of what you think about the program, not to judge each other. CN is just giving us gays everything we want. And stop thinking you can control how your kids think, unless you want to give a psychologist a field day. Adult Written by Onamar May 7, The end of the Ooo we knew when we first met it.

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