Can you hook up two speakers to one output

If you are doing a pre-wire of a new house being built, then individual controls located with the speakers is the best overall choice. If you use the autoformer type volume controls, then a conventional switch box is your choice. Now let's take the simplest case, 2x2. It would be a very unusual installation where all four pairs of speakers were intended to play all at once and all at the same volume level. THEN you can get more out. Feb 4, Posts: In addition a loudspeakers impedance will vary with frequency so an amplifier mifght see a 16 Ohm impedance at one frequency but 2 Ohms at another frequency.

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One, you do have them closely spaced well within half a wavelength for the narrow range of bass freqs that such subs handle, and two, you are halving the impedance, not keeping it the same!

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Why is connecting multiple speakers to one output bad?

Ok, speakers aren't exactly linear in terms of acoustic power out for electric power in. Sorry, but their audio products simply aren't very good and their specs are meant to mislead the ignorant. Thu Feb 06, This is of course an extreme example. Thu Feb 06, 5: A series connection may be more advisable but I'm far from an expert.

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can you hook up two speakers to one output
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can you hook up two speakers to one output
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