Is she dating another guy to make me jealous

Make him sweat a little. He was jealous and possessive of me and I let it go on too long. Don't block him on social media - this is very ineffective. From what I'm hearing, I think your in the dreaded friends zone with her. If he calls, answer until the phone rings 3 times. Tell her how you feel. But then when it gets out of hand then the jealous partner just wants control?

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Is jealousy a sign of love?

Fight for what you want: Next time, make friends with like 9 girls and ask them out all out at the same time. You may be asking yourself how someone who is capable of showing you so much love, also hurt and control you. Especially if you have just started dating a guy or if a guy has just dumped you, getting out and seeing other people is a great way to keep your independence and to make the guy you want try harder to get you or, in the case of an ex, really regret losing you. Therefore, she owns you. If you are involved in a lot of different activities, it will seem as though you are not thinking about your ex at all even if you are.

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is she dating another guy to make me jealous
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is she dating another guy to make me jealous
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3 thoughts on “Is she dating another guy to make me jealous

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