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The main requirements for this are romantic loving sex that extends over a long period of time, close intimacy, and slow and gentle G spot stimulation over a prolonged period. Various studies followed, including chemical analysis of female ejaculatory fluid. Interestingly enough, she discovered that female ejaculation was known about, explored and discussed as long ago as the 17th century. But to remain ashamed of ejaculation, and to doubt the reality of it, or to fear it because of embarrassment about releasing fluid, is a pathway that serves nobody, including the woman and her partner. Women who ejaculate during orgasm say it is sometimes clear and odorless and sometimes times thick and pungent. In fact, culturally, the belief still lingers at some level that being blatantly and openly sexual is somehow unfeminine, even inappropriate, for women. Furthermore, when an orgasm is produced by a combination of clitoral and G spot stimulation, it combines the qualities of the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm.

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This state of arousal, combined with relaxation, while a woman stimulates her G spot, can lead to female ejaculation even without orgasm.

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Could it be that the G spot is just part of the clitoris? Read more on this here. Then watch the video for even more information on this. Equally, if a woman chooses not to ejaculate, she has taken control of her sexuality in a different way. And then, having shown women that they do indeed have a G spot, she takes them through an exercise which will awaken its sensitivity. But the female prostate produces fluid while a woman is sexually aroused, so multiple releases of fluid can occur.

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