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Panic clutched at the edges of her consciousness as her foggy mind tried to figure it out. As the consequence of what he did to Starfire, Robin was imprisoned inside of the Tower, the holding cells, for twelve years. She collapsed on to Robin's lap. The only truly horrendous defeated he took was when Aqualad had asked him if he wanted to play one of the original Atlantis games. What do they talk about while their there and more importantly

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This was not the man she knew and fell in love with - this man was a complete monster who was relishing every moment of this, every second of her agony was pure bliss for him.

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Starfire fucked by Robin

The other Titans walked by his cell, talking as if he weren't there. She always thought he would be softer, kinder, gentler when they did it for the first time. Why wouldn't I be? She pulled away and walked inside, plopping down on the couch. There was no way that she could look at Robin the same way again, no way she could ever love him now that she knew the hell that he was very capable of. Rated M for some language and an intense rape scene. He had been caught by the other Titans for his heinous act.

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robin and starfire sex in the bed tonight videos

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